Mashudu Nevhutalu


Mashudu Nevhutalu was born in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, in 1992. Although he did not have much art training at primary or high school level, he has always had an interest in art, and his first influence was all the graffiti and street murals he use to see (and still do), decorating dilapidated buildings, almost bringing them to life with their colours.

This love for graffiti urged him to go on and study art at tertiary level where he received his Honours in Fine and Applied Arts in 2014 at Tshwane University of Technology. That year, he felt that he had a foot in the door as he had found his voice.

He was selected in the Sasol New Signatures Competition and went on to take part in a number of small group shows and other competitions like SA Taxi Foundation Art Award, 2016 also in 2017. As his work develops each year, he hopes to contribute meaningfully to the heritage sector of this country.