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Informational and educational features on exhibitions, acquisitions and our Collection.

The Venice Biennale: Past and Present 


The Venice Biennale as a kind of World Olympics of art continues to function as arguably the foremost venue for the presentation of vanguard, progressive contemporary art. The South African theme for 2019 is The stronger we become. Curated by Nkule Mabaso and Nomusa Makubu, it includes the work of Tracey Rose, Dineo Seshee Bopape and Mawande Ka Zenzile.

Painting in the Collection of the ArtbankSA 


Painting as a broad category includes a variety of media, each having their own distinct properties, character and application, which artists use to express themselves and achieve pictorially the conceptual idea or intention underpinning the making of the work. In the ArtbankSA Collection, there are several acquisitions in the three principal painting media of oil paint, water colour and acrylic paint.

We’ve been here: Art exhibition in celebration of Women’s Day 2019 


South African women have played a major part in mobilising the country towards independence and freedom, and their role are acknowledged and celebrated in the We’ve been here exhibition. To this end the ArtbankSA curated a selection of artworks by female artists from its contemporary collection. Themes relating to women’s freedom and rights issues were curated to include a sense of history, and an awareness of the past informing the present; freedom of religion and movement; self-worth and dignity; newly emerging identities; contemporary dilemmas; and hope.