Wessel van Huyssteen


Wessel van Huyssteen is an artist and filmmaker. He matriculated in 1980 at Voortrekker High School, Bethlehem, Free State. In 1985 he acquired a BA Fine Arts (Cum Laude for Painting & Drawing) from the Free State University. In 1990 he acquired his BA Honours in Art History at Johannesburg University. In 2017 he received his Master of Arts in Fine Arts with distinction from Wits University.

The painting Bundle forms part of a series of watercolour on paper paintings named How to Paint a Highway. The series was inspired by travels on the N1. It investigates this structure within the landscape as a non-place. The paintings are of debris, mainly tyres, collected on the shoulders of the highway and is painted in forensic detail – reminiscent of topographical art – to excavate the layered histories of the objects depicted and the materials used. As shredded evidence of accidents the manufactured materials take on the qualities, textures and form of natural material.

In this painting, the landscape format is explored. The object depicted fills the upper part of the composition leaving the lower part for the viewers to fill with their own imaginings.