Daniel Ramontseng


Daniel Ramontseng was born in a mining town called Odendaalsrus in the Free State province of South Africa. He is a collage artist who discovered his artistic talent later in his life. Growing up as a boy in the township, Ramontseng was more into sports such as soccer and athletics. He discovered his artistic talent long after he had completed his high school education. Ramontseng became aware of his talent when he joined Naledi Arts and Culture, an organisation with a mission to encourage young people from the township to take part in arts and cultural activities. One program that this organisation had was called “The Artist in Me” which was a program that introduced visual art to less privileged children from the township.  

Starting as a way to encourage the children in the program to participate more, Ramontseng joined the classes and fell in love with paper collage. This medium fascinated him allowing him to create a story by recycling used magazines and books. He enjoyed taking pieces of papers from different stories in magazines and combining them to create a new story.  The programme facilitator noticed Ramontseng’s talent and encouraged him to take his art more seriously, which he did. 

Ramontseng’s work tells stories of ordinary people, particularly stories of children growing up in the South African townships. He sells his work through exhibitions, websites and various social media platforms.