Victor Geduldt


Victor Geduldt is a self-taught realist painter. He was raised in Heidedaal Township in Bloemfontein, Free State. He started exploring art in various mediums at the age of 14.  As a child he used to peer through art gallery windows in Bloemfontein, absorbing and digesting influences from South African’s most celebrated artists of that time like Frans Claerhout to mention one. He mostly learned to improve his drawing skills by sketching characters from old magazines and comic books. Currently, Geduldt finds most of his inspiration in music, the immediate world around him and the daily occurrences in the everyday life. As an accomplished realistic portrait painter, he enjoys painting facial expressions of people from different cultures and also focuses on issues that he feels are pertinent to his surroundings. He has had both group and solo art exhibitions all over South Africa and some of his art works have been sold internationally to countries like London, Denmark, New York and Korea.