CLOSED: PESP4 Public Art Creating Programme

Are you a visual artist? Do you want to participate in an amazing nationwide art creating programme? To make your mark in your area?

Apply to create public art between November 2023 and February 2024.


Visual Artists to create Public Art

Under this programme, visual artists will create public art. Beneficiaries in this programme may choose to collaborate on a large or several large pieces that could become local attractions.

Beneficiaries will be identified through a public call. Applications will then be subjected to the pre-screening, evaluation, and adjudication process with the final approval of the beneficiaries being made by the museum’s Council.

Approved artists will be paid in 3 tranches totaling R22 800.

Category value = R22 800 (Tranche 1 – R5 700 + Tranche 2 – R11 400 + Tranche 3 – R5 700)


a.      Funding is available only to South African Citizens

b.     Artist must not already be benefiting from another PESP4 programme

c.      Artists who have been practicing as artist for at least 3 years

d.     All applications will be subject to a three stage evaluation process, i.e.

– Pre-screening, i.e., determination of compliance to compulsory requirements. The applications will be required to pass pre-screening to be eligible for further evaluation. 

– Evaluation, i.e., Technical assessment of proposals, measurement of capability. The applicant will be required to obtain a minimum of 60 points in order to be eligible to participate in the PESP4 Art Creating programme.

– Adjudication, i.e., scores from the evaluation will be adjudicated before being submitted to the museum Council for approval.


a.    Artists will be paid in three tranches for the duration of the contract

– Tranche 1 will be paid once contract has been signed by both parties.

– Tranche 2 will be paid once more than half of the artwork/s to be delivered is provided through a progress report

– Tranche 3 will be paid after the artwork/s has been delivered

b.    PESP4 Coordinators are to conduct monitoring and evaluation including site visits

c.    Artists are not required to frame the artwork, but artworks should be finished on delivery


a.    A completed application form with a proposal of the artwork/s to be created for the National Museum. The value of the artwork/s to be created must be clearly shown.

b.    Submit a CV (must include lists of exhibitions artist has participated in). Please indicate which province and district you live and work in.

c.    Must include an artist statement and brief profile/bio and a list of at least 3 public art commissions.

d.    Certified ID copy.

e.    Account details confirmed by a stamped bank letter.

f.     Central Supplier Database (CSD) registration and be SARS Tax compliant.

g.    Be willing to enter into a written Agreement.

h.    Be able to submit reports and with supporting documentation.

The decision of the Council of the National Museum is final.

Non adherence to the above criteria will result in the application being disqualified.

Closing Date: The deadline for applications is Friday, 25 August 2023.

Completed applications must be emailed to and

Queries must be submitted in writing to