CLOSED: ArtbankSA 2022 Submissions Guidelines

CLOSED: ArtbankSA 2022 Submissions Guidelines

South African artists are invited to submit their contemporary artworks to be considered for acquisition by the Art Bank of South Africa (ArtbankSA). The ArtbankSA annually considers acquiring special art for its growing collection.


The selection criteria that all artworks must meet to qualify for acquisition are

  • To be produced by a contemporary South African artist.
  1. To be classified as a South African artist, the artist must be either born in South Africa, a South African citizen, in South Africa as an approved temporary resident for a minimum of two years; and/or a permanent resident of South Africa.
  2. The artist may be living in South Africa or overseas as long as at least one of the above stated criteria are demonstrable.
  3. Where the artwork is produced by an artist collective or collaboration, no less than fifty percent of the contributing artists must meet the criteria.
  • Artworks produced by predominantly emerging contemporary artists* from urban, peri-urban, and rural areas, represented by all the nine provinces of South Africa.
  • Artworks must be technically sound, resistant to deterioration and easy to handle when being installed, packaged, and transported.
  • Should an artwork meet the above-mentioned criteria, but lack final finishing e.g. framing or mounting, the artwork will not be penalized or lose its eligibility to be purchased for the collection. The ArtbankSA will see to it that the artwork is framed.
  • The ArtbankSA will not purchase work which is a duplicate of work already in the collection.
  • The ArtbankSA will not purchase work which is a duplicate of work already in the collection.
  • No reproductions (except for editions) will be eligible for consideration.

Artists submitting work to the ArtbankSA should be aware that the artwork purchased by the ArtbankSA may be for display in government buildings, private companies, private homes, and public spaces.

*while the focus of the Art Bank is on emerging artists, established artists are also welcome to make submissions for consideration

Criteria for submissions

Submissions can be sent via email or post. Artists are required to meet the following criteria:

  • A detailed submission form is required with each submission. Submission forms can be found on the Art Bank of South Africa social media platforms and the website and requested from
  • Artists may submit a maximum of five original artworks for consideration.
  • Artwork of any medium can be submitted.
  • Artwork must have been created after October 2021.
  • Artwork must be of a superior quality and representative of South African contemporary art.

The decision of the Acquisitions Committee will be final and ONLY successful applicants will be contacted about collection and couriering of artwork to the exhibition venue in due course.

  • Three-dimension artwork submissions must be accompanied by images which sufficiently portray the artwork in all its dimensions.
  • Clearly indicate the sale price of the artwork including VAT (where applicable) and any other costs.
  • The work of art must not exceed R60 000 including VAT.

Non-adherence to the above criteria will result in the application becoming disqualified. Only original, ready for purchase, artwork will be considered.

The ArtbankSA Acquisitions Committee

The nine- member Acquisitions Committee will oversee the selection process; approve and make recommendations of artworks for purchase.

Requirements for Selected Artworks

Permission for the use of images of the artwork in promotional and educational materials i.e. website, catalogues etc. will be required.

The artist/artist representative will be required to register on the Central Supplier Database (CSD) and be SARS tax compliant. This is a mandatory requirement because as a programme of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture through its Msanzi Golden Economy strategy, the programme must comply with the PMFA is a requirement.

Closing Date

The deadline for submissions is 12pm on 24 June 2022. All completed submissions must be emailed to and


For more information visit the ArtbankSA

Queries must be submitted in writing to the

ArtbankSA 2022 Submission Form PDF Fillable

ArtbankSA 2022 Submission Form PDF

ArtbankSA 2022 Submission Form WORD